Woodstock 2014

Woodstock exhibition, First showing of my dark background series of
paper sculptures, using brightly coloured papers to pick out familiar subjects.
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Winner of the Oxfordshire Craft Guild Fletcher Prize 2013


At the Opening of the Oxfordshire Craft Guild Christmas Exhibition at the
County Museum in Woodstock, the judges selected a recycled bowl by new
Associate Member Graham Lester as the winner of the Fletcher Prize.
The Prize is given by Helen Hardy, who judged the competition (with Joanna
Foster OCG President and Crafts Council Chair, and Carol Anderson Museum
Curator). This award is for outstanding innovation, good design, and
where the materials are used in an exciting way. The winning bowl made
from recycled material, magazines, coloured paper and plywood will
be on display with his paper sculpture at Woodstock until the end of the
exhibition (Sunday 5 January).